Los Amigos High School

School Stats:

Student body: 1,820
Year founded: 1980

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About Our DROPS Project

The student-centered, teacher-facilitated DROPS program at Los Amigos High School is a collaborative effort between Orange County Coastkeeper, Climate Resolve, and Garden Grove Unified School District.  Our school district received a $1.99 Million grant from the State of California to be used for more water efficient landscaping on campus. The grant is also being used for environmental education of the student body and community outreach.  We have ten different benchmarks that we had to be meet during the duration of the school-year, including: monitoring of rainwater, creation of interpretive signage, implementation of environmental curriculum, teacher trainings, and a student assembly focused on environmental awareness.  Our assembly coincided with Earth Day and took place outside in the quad area and included performances from choir, dance, as well as presentations from our on-site poster and speech contest winners. The water monitoring is accomplished by student teams that have been assigned to one of the 8 sections of the school. DROPS students were trained to test the water for nitrogen, phosphorus, dissolved oxygen level, as well as other properties. This data was gathered and compiled for monitoring purposes.  DROPS students also participated in a pre-landscaping meeting led by a landscape architect involved with the project and was supported by our DROPS partners. The goal of the landscaping is to function as recharge centers to channel surface runoff back to the groundwater, rather than to the gutter, where it runs off into the ocean. DROPS students furthered their real-world experiences by visiting the Water and Sewage Treatment Plants, as well as Bolsa Chica Wetlands. Additionally, students took part in a Virtual Field Trip of the Colorado River System hosted by the Metropolitan Water District.

The main goal of our DROPS Program is to increase water awareness at our school, and, by extension, our community, as well as increase the environmental efficiency of our campus.