Rain Quotes

“If we added more drain areas to the school, it wouldn’t be a rainy day…it’d be a drainy day!”

“Around the school are just massive puddles of water that make it impossible for students to get from class to class and makes them miserable every time their shoes get soaked as they walk.”

“During rainy days, especially the strong storm ones, the school campus turns into a swimming pool.”

“I like it because Jimmy always slips.”

“Rainy days are quite rare to have around our school though I’m not fond of rain in general, but rainy days are a purrfect day to cuddle and sleep.”

“It’s H2O not H2Go. Having more areas where the water can be absorbed will result in less runoff to the ocean.”

”Water you doing to the school rain?”

“It’s complete chaos, I can’t take a step anywhere. Worms come up like the zombie apocalypse”.

“It’s the second Noah’s Ark.”

“Rolling in the Rain(Deep), a new single by the school of Bolsa Grande High School”.