Meet Santiago High School’s Student Sustainability Council!

The new SSC board getting ready to start off a new year of action. These amazing students are all dedicated environmental activists ready to educate others about water conservation, stormwater capture, climate change and more!   Every student can make a difference!

Santiago.  Where students are environmentally aware!

Puddles like these always form in our school when it rains.  Soon with the DROPS grant the water will soak into the ground! Yay!!  No more getting our shoes muddy!

When you wanna wear your white Vans but because of all the puddles you have to wear your basic brown boots.

Santiago students care about being educated on ways they can help positively impact the environment and how they can contribute to the cause, further educate themselves, and learn more about the amazing DROPS grant our School has been granted (pun intended).

Reflecting on the DROPS assembly at a Student Sustainability Council Meeting

Amazing responses from our students about how they felt the assembly was significant!