DROPS Water Testing underway!

Hello there, here at Bolsa Grande, the Student Sustainability Club has just started the water quality training portion of the DROPS Education and Outreach program. We have learned how to use kits that can help us find out the quality of runoff water. A few tests that we practiced were phosphorus, nitrates, and pH levels. Our group was able to get comfortable with the test kits by doing a practice test with each kit. We also were able to examine the map of the runoff areas for our school so that we are prepared to catch water when there is runoff.

So far there has been not enough rain for runoff. However, our group is very well equipped and experienced for when it does rain enough. We have a set person to go collect water and back-ups in case that person is unable to do so. We are definitely excited to see the results of our first official water quality testing!