Santiago High School

School Stats:

Student body: 2,124
Year founded: 1980

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About Our DROPS Project

The vision of the Student Sustainability Council (SSC) is to educate the Santiago High School student body and surrounding community on ways to protect the environment and live sustainably, so as to preserve the integrity of our planet for present and future generations. Of additional importance is the Council’s role in the implementation and ongoing monitoring of the district Drought Response Outreach Program for Schools (DROPS) grant at our high school. This grant, awarded by the State Water Control Board, focuses on campus projects that include the reduction of storm water runoff and pollution, water conservation, and community awareness relating to water resource sustainability. Through the DROPS grant and work by the SCC, Santiago will serve as a model steward for other schools and institutions striving for sustainability.

In addition, the SSC provides a vast array of environmental stewardship opportunities that allow students to directly engage in the shaping of a better world. Opportunities include meaningful, purpose-driven collaborations with key staff, alumni, administrators, community leaders and local agencies, with the aim of cultivating leadership to drive positive social change.